Presentation Checklist

1)  A written report is due from each presentation group the class meeting before the day of the presentation
a)  Reports should contain approximately 12 to 15 pages of text
b)  Reports should be completed and submitted to the instructor during the class meeting before the the day of the presentation
c)  The written report is worth up to 10 percentage points of the group’s overall presentation score
2)  A group evaluation form must be downloaded and completed by each presenter before each of the group’s 2 presentations
a)  Forms are to be submitted during the evaluation period immediately following the presentation
b)  No incomplete or late forms may be accepted
c)  Each form is worth 5 percentage points of the individual’s overall presentation score
3)  A case write-up is due from each audience group after each presentation
a)  Each write-up should contain a minimum of 3 pages of text summarizing and analyzing the strategic issues of the case
b)  In addition to the analysis each write-up should contain a minimum of 6 prospective questions for the presentation group
c)  No incomplete or late write-ups may be accepted
4)  Presentations will begin on time unless otherwise stated by instructor
a)  Presenters should set up any required equipment sufficiently before the scheduled start of the presentation
b)  The classroom door will be shut at the beginning of each presentation
c)  Please do not open door under any conditions if it is already shut
d)  If anyone must leave the classroom for an emergency please wait for door to open at the end of the presentation before reentering
e)  At the end of the Q & A period the audience will be asked to leave the classroom and the door will be shut for the evaluation of the presenters
f)  After the evaluation period the door will be opened and students may reenter the classroom
5)  During the presentation and the Q & A period
a)  Presenters should allot 30 minutes for the presentation, including up to 10 minutes for the Q & A
b)  Presenters should each spend an equal amount of time speaking during presentation
c)  Presenters should control the Q & A period effectively
i)  Answer each question thoroughly but succinctly
ii)  Acknowledge each new questioner promptly
iii)  Include as many different questioners as possible
iv)  Try to handle approximately 10 to 20 questions in 5 to 10 minutes
d)  Each presenter should each give approximately an equal number of responses to questions during the Q & A period
e)  The audience should give the presenters complete attention and focus
f)  Each audience member should be prepared with multiple questions and aggressively seek opportunities to ask questions during the Q & A period
g)  The audience should refrain from applause until the end of the Q & A period