Links to All Kinds of Nifty Stuff...


Google is a powerful search tool not beholden to the big commercial enterprises
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg offers complete downloadable texts of literature in the public domain
Beaucoup lets you take your pick of a plethora of different search engines
c|net Shareware
c|net's shareware has a tremendous variety of shareware you can try before you buy
Tucows is the best place on the web to find great new Windows software
The Anonymizer is  what the true paranoid needs to stay hidden while surfing
The Webopedia is where to look for definitions for all that unintelligible computer jargon
Online Conversion
If you need to convert any kind of measurement to another scale of measurement use Online Conversion
Maps On Us
Maps On Us provides scalable detailed maps for just about everywhere in the country
Today In History
For history buffs, curiosity seekers and fans of the arcane this is what happened Today in History
Currency Converter
The Universal Currency Converter will give you the current exchange rate for virtually any pair of currencies
National Weather Service
NOAA and The National Weather Service provide national and regional weather information and maps
Joke A Day
This is a great humor site where you can view and even subscribe to a Joke A Day
If you are of a literary bent then you will appreciate the plays of William Shakespeare
Grammar and Writing
To ensure clarity and comprehension consult the complete guide to Grammar and Writing
Encyclopaedia Britannica
For the last word on absolutely everything check out the Encyclopaedia Britannica
Epicurious offers tasty treats for the devotee of haute cuisine
Before you buy anything at all see what others say about it at Epinions
TV Guide
On the other hand...if you would rather just vegetate in peace choose your fare from TV Guide Online